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Treble Sound started out in the basement of Bushwick Brooklyn. They started with four members. The original mission was to start a recording studio which would eventually lead up to a recording label. The goal was met.

After 2 years in the business, Treble Sound was left with just two members Reign and Jae.  Both were motivated to continue on with the company taking it to new heights.  They began to work diligently together to develop the Treble Sound Brand.

With so many obstacles and clients coming from all directions they both learned of the pain of success. The remaining members’ began to see success with its hiccups.  During this time Murphy’s Law kicked in, not once, but twice. Starting with Reign, Reign was diagnosed with cancer she spent 1 year in treatment; then Jae was in a near fatal car accident.  They remained steadfast and unmovable faithful to God’s word at 1Corinthrans 15:58

Treble Sound made the move to reboot. They knew it was time to plant new seeds. Rockwall Studio here we come! The plan was to create a state of the art multimedia studio to include but not limited to recording. In Feb 2017, they acquired Krystal Clear GraFX Studio, and created a fabulous one stop shop!

Located on the border of Brooklyn & Queens. A FUTURISTIC & MODERN, STUDIO ENVIRONMENT where exclusivity is key. Staffed by NYC’s Prominent W/RIAA Certified Platinum Engineer, all delivering the best service and amenities for today’s signed and independent musicians.

The new statement and vision is — “With Treble Sound you are transformed from being a client into the STAR that you truly are.